28 February 2014

The #LovingMe Project

The #LovingMe Project

As many of you will already know, 23rd February through 1st March is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Eating disorders affect a lot more people than you think, and not just women either. Since 2000, the amount of people diagnosed with an eating disorder has risen by 15%, as well as a 27% increase in the number of males diagnosed with an eating disorder in the U.K. alone.

It is not always clear why an eating disorder develops, and it can happen to anyone, but most often a person suffering from an ED, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, will have very little self worth, and a very distorted body image. This is why Her Campus have created the The #LovingMe Project which is designed to encourage people, young women especially, to explore what they love the most about themselves (excluding anything physical), on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Remember, you are more than just a pretty face, so much more.

Personally, I love the fact that I am a good listener, I am crafty and creative, and I am just an all-round nice person with a big heart who would do anything and everything in my power to see my loved ones smile. There's actually a lot I love about myself, but I am guilty of neglecting to remember these things, as I am sure we all are, but I believe that gently reminding yourself of all your best 'inside' qualities on a regular basis can only be a positive thing, and from now on I am going to ensure that I do just that, and I encourage you all to do the same!

What do you think your best 'inside' qualities are?

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