24 April 2014

Birthday Gift Hamper

Gary and I are going to the Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester this Saturday to celebrate our friend's 21st birthday. I'm so excited as I've never been there before and I've heard it's really good. I wanted to share with you the gift I bought/made for her - I couldn't decide on just one thing, so I decided to put together a little hamper filled with all kinds of goodies. Hampers are a really thoughtful gift and show that you've put a little effort into it. They can be made for absolutely any occasion too. Pinterest has a tonne of hamper ideas!

All the bits I bought to put in the hamper! (Ignore my TV here! D:)

This is actually a plant pot, but I figured it could also be used as extra storage, or even as a flower vase once it's emptied.

I picked up this scented candle, it's called 'Luscious Lilac'. I'm not entirely sure what scent that is, but it smells gorgeous and it matches the plant pot I picked out.

Smellies! Can you ever have enough of these? I got these miniature Aussie shampoo and conditioner, raspberry scented shower and bath gel and Dove nourishing body lotion. I also picked up this 'Baby Lips' lip balm and Impulse body spray. Perfect for a pampering night in.

How adorable are these?! Miniature can of Coca Cola and miniature bottle of Disaronno. There's probably enough alcohol here for one or two drinks (depending on how strong you like it) but she may need to add another mixer (I could only squeeze one can into the hamper!)

I wish I'd bought one of these bracelets for myself too. It's so pretty and shiny!

I also included some chocolate (you can never go wrong with chocolate) and some lollipops to fill in the gaps too.


Have you ever made a hamper gift? What did you include and what was the recipients reaction? Tell me in the comments below! :)


  1. I love this! I'm sure your friend will love it too :) And I swear by Maybelline Baby Lips!

  2. Wow, that's an amazing BD gift hamper - a bucket full of all sorts of goodies. Great idea! :)

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    Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk