19 March 2014

My Hairtrade.com Wishlist

So today I'm going to talk to you guys about the things I am lusting over on HairTrade.com. At the moment, I'm currently trying to get my hair back to blonde, but at the moment I've got kind of a mousey brown colour, and I'm waiting on next month when I have some more money to finance more blonde hair dye, but eventually once I've got it the blonde colour I want, I would LOVE some hair extensions - I'm looking at this I&K Remi Cuticle Hair Weft in #24 Light Blonde. The reason why I've opted for a weft is that I've tried clip-ins but I find it difficult to clip them in by myself (such a failure of a girl), I've tried glue-ins but the glue made my hair sticky and I hated it, and I've tried microloops, but every time I brushed my hair one or two strands would come out. Therefore, one method I haven't tried yet is to sew in the hair, so that is my next mission!

Now, whilst I love being blonde, I don't like to have my hair too 'normal', so I am really hoping to try this Electric Blue colour dye from Fudge and put flashes through my hair. Funnily enough, blue is the one hair colour I've never tried! I have used Fudge dyes once before and I thought they worked pretty well and I was impressed.

Finally, the third thing I am lusting after is this I&K Hair Extension Care Pack which includes I&K Moisturising Shampoo, I&K Moisturising Conditioner, I&K Leave In Antistatic Spray and a Hair Extension Loop Brush. I've never tried extension-specific products before, so I'd be interested to know whether they work better than regular products on the hair extensions.

I&K Remi Cuticle Hair Weft Fudge Paintbox in Electric Blue I&K Hair Extension Care Pack

Have you checked out HairTrade.com? What's on your wishlist?

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