21 April 2014


Welcome to the #SummerBloggerChallenge 2014! There will be a weekly prompt throughout the fourteen weeks of Summer and the corresponding post can go live on any day of the given week. The challenge will begin on the 21st June (the first day of Summer) and will cease on the 23rd September (the first day of Autumn/Fall). Don't forget to join the Facebook group here.

The Participants
Registration will be closed on 14/06. Click here to sign up!

1. Charlotte at Velvet and Vinyls
2. Miche at Buttons and Birdcages
3. Taylor at Pinstripes & Lipgloss
4. Raewyn at Be a Warrior Queen
5. Jessica at Dreaming of Leaving
6. Adriana at With Love, AR
7. Claire at Eyes of the Universe
8. Briannah at Briannah.
9. Pam at Hodge Podge Moments
10. Madeleine at Small Town Roots and Cowboy Boots
11. Valerie at In-Between Life
12. Jessica at Bookworms in Dresses
13. Ashlee at Dearie Lovie
14. Sarah at Whimsical Nonsense
15. Kristine at The Glitter Diaries
16. Amy at Champagne and Pearls
17. Madison at C'est la Moot
18. Sydney at Sydney Luella
19. Beth at Wandering Forevermore
20. Tiffany at Endless Bliss
21. Morgan at Mermaid Tales
22. Amber at Everyday Legalese
23. Olivia at Liv, Love, Laugh
24. Jerica at Jerica's World
25. Natalie at Natalie Patalie
26. Gina at California Scrappin'
27. Rachel at The Anxious Chapter
28. Maryrose at My Honu Blog
29. Erin at Yayy Go Erin
30. Emily at Emily's Life Lessons
31. Madeline Rose at Ring-a-Round a Rosey
32. Ellie at Looking for Love Online
33. Jessica at Jess Loves This Life
34. Menna at Miss Leading
35. Cassandra at The World From the View of Two Teenage Girls
36. Shanice at Playground of Randomness
37. Jessica at PrettyFunnyStrong
38. Amanda at The Trendy Times
39. George at Daroomiesroom
40. Jenna at Sparkly kid
41. Samantha at My Lady Boudoir
42. Rebecca at Rebecca Chapman
43. Ashliegh at The Darling Daily
44. Orly at Coffee Beans and High Heels
45. Tiffany at Commoner Couture
46. Megan at The Adventures of Noble & Pond
47. Polly at Polly Defies Gravity
48. ?? at ??
49. ?? at ??
50. ?? at ??

Grab a Button!
A huge thank you to Jessica at Bookworms in Dresses for kindly donating these buttons!



  1. Excited for this! Thanks for letting me participate. :)

  2. Signed up! Not entirely sure what I'm getting myself into, but it sounds fun? Hahah :)

    1. Haha it will be a tonne of fun! Glad to have you on board. :)

      Don't forget to join the Facebook group here if you haven't already! :)

      Charlotte // Velvet and Vinyls

  3. If we have signed up how do we know we have been accepted?

  4. love this! thank you for the idea and opportunity!

  5. Is it to late to join in?

  6. Hey! I'll let you join in even though the challenge has started. Please join the FB group and fill in the sign up form if you haven't already! :)