29 May 2014

REVIEW: Shoeps

When I was first approached about reviewing this product, I will admit I was a little apprehensive, as I figured laces are probably about as good as they'll ever be, and if it isn't broke... well, you know the drill. However, I'm pleased to report that I was wrong, so very wrong - Shoeps are the future. Seriously.

Installation of the Shoeps could not be simpler, and takes only a matter of minutes to complete. They are a revolutionary product suited to people of all ages - think children who are not yet able to tie their own shoelaces and elderly people suffering from arthritis and/or other ailments which may cause them to struggle when tying shoelaces in particular. Additionally, they are available in a variety of different colours to suit all tastes and styles. They bring a whole new lease of life to an old pair of shoes, and can turn any pair of shoes into a handy slip-on which is a great time saver! They are extremely versatile as one size fits all - I was able to use the same pair of Shoeps for my shoes and my brother's shoes, which are significantly smaller than mine - and removal is as easy as the installation, meaning they can be interchanged and used on as many different shoes as you like!

As always, my little brother begged for me to let him 'have a go' and so I fitted the Shoeps into his Batman/Joker Converse hi-tops and this was the result.

(N.B. Big mistake - I am having to order a new pair of Shoeps for myself as these ones have well and truly been pinched! I have to admit that they do look pretty damn awesome against the black fabric though!)
I realise this hasn't been very word-heavy to say it is a review, but I truly feel that Shoeps speak for themselves, and in this case, a picture DOES say a thousand words. I didn't even realise there was a problem with the good old fashioned shoelace until I tried Shoeps, but I'm loving the freedom of being able to slip my once lace-up shoes on and off without damaging the rear of the shoe. (I've had so many pairs of shoes that have bit the dust due to this lazy habit of mine!) My overall verdict? Try a pair of Shoeps - you won't be disappointed!
Shoeps are available to buy in the UK from Gumbies.co.uk and Shoeps.co.uk. (R.R.P. £12.99)
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