18 February 2014

ShopLately.com Wishlist

I recently discovered a website called ShopLately.com and instantly fell in love with all their products. Unfortunately, Shop Lately do not currently offer shipping to the U.K. so this is just a wish list at the moment. (Hey! A girl can dream, can't she?! No? Well I'm going to do it anyway, so there!) It was hard to resist just adding Every. Single. Item. they sell.

Images © ShopLately.com

01. Love Bracelet - It sparkles, enough said.
02. Galaxy Bracelet - Just so cute & pretty unique.
03. Bamboo LULA-80 Panda Round Toe Flat - Easily my absolute favourite item on the list, they're shoes with PANDA FACES.
04. Tummy Control Fleece Leggings (High-Waisted) - I have a self-confessed phobia of jeans, so I live in leggings, they're so comfy. High wasted with tummy control (I have more to love!), NEED.
05. Skull Elbow Top - I love skulls. I've never seen a design like this before, but I love it. Simple yet gorgeous.
06. Spike Ears Beanie Hat - I'm really feeling the studs at the moment, and this hat has the added bonus of ears. So cute!
07. 90s Revival Studded Backpack - See above. Studs FOR THE WIN. Also, I tend to carry a lot of (useless) stuff with me, so I need a big bag to fit it all in. Perfect.
08. COB & PEN Pink Sweetheart Wallet - Similar as above, I need a huge purse (wallet) because I have so many store cards etc. (but not much money to keep in there, unfortunately! Oh the irony!)

Have you had a look at the Shop Lately website? What are your favourite products?

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